Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sugar Loaf again

I realized as I was drifting off to sleep last night that I never said who "we" were on the jaunt up Sugar Loaf. I had planned to go listen to music with the head librarian at the British School, Mimi Liang, in the evening. In the afternoon, Patricia and I stopped back at the British School in Botofogo and ran into Chris Priestley, a visiting author at the school this week. He suggested I come back in a short while to go up Sugar Loaf with him and with Mimi. Excellent plan. I met Chris after lunch and we took a cab to the Urca site of the school, where Mimi was that afternoon. From there we went on our expedition. Very pleasant, with wide-ranging conversation about books and writing, about Rio and the view, about marmosets and exotic (to us) plants, and about a hundred other topics.

We were all tired from a nicely busy week, so we didn't go listen to music after all.

I don't think I mentioned how extremely kind and welcoming Mimi, Raquel, Juliana and all the other librarians have been, as was Marcia and the teachers at the German School.

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