Saturday, October 25, 2008

St Francis

What a week! This was the second-heaviest week of the tour, with 17 sets (I count 2-hour workshops as two sets). The last one was the 53rd show of the month. Is this my record? I can't remember. As you might guess, I'm a bit tired.

On Wednesday and Thursday I told stories at St. Francis College (for those of you in the US, that means private school, not university), a lovely school in a quiet residential area of Sao Paulo. I eyed their swimming pool jealously--my bathing suit and goggles were at the hotel, where there is no pool.

Though the school only takes up a small area, the space is lovely and well-thought out.

I did a workshop for the teachers on Wednesday. They were great! When they came in, they sat mostly at the back of the room or behind desks, clearly tired from a long day. I let them stay behind their defenses for a little bit, then coaxed them out of their seats. Off they went! The rest of the workshop was relaxed, full of laughter and connection--and even some insight.

As I left the school on Thursday, after four good shows, I could hear the children telling each other The ghost with the one black eye. Aah.

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