Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"I could skip lunch"

After one of the performances today at St. Nicholas School, a student stopped me in the lunchroom. "Tell another story, please!" I said it was time for lunch, for both of us. "I could skip lunch," she said.

This was another really nice school, following on yesterday's good performance day at Red Brick Preschool. At both, it was clear that the children understood English (and puppets) and were having a good time. Just as important, the teachers were having fun. Cris and I noticed that at both schools, there was an atmosphere of kindness and respect for the children. I love that. 

Here's a picture from Red Brick. We're doing a finger story.

And these are some of the attentive listeners at St. Nicholas. My sister Mary is right--the children enjoying the stories in Brazil look very much like children enjoying the stories in the US. 

When there's time and there aren't too many kids, Trixie likes to shake hands with the children as they leave the performance space, if they want to. If they don't, she sometimes just blows them kisses. 

Here we are at Red Brick, saying goodbye:

And at St. Nicholas, with a bouncy child: 

Yes, that's my Halloween vest. I'm also wearing socks with skeletons on them. I don't mind starting a little early for my favorite holiday.


Deb said...

Oh, happy, absorbed children! You know you have someone's attention when they offer to skip lunch to hear another story. How is the baby going over down in Brazil? And do any of the puppets speak Portuguese?

PriscillaHowe said...

The baby is a big hit! She sang "The itsy bitsy tiger went up the piggy's snout" today and we all had to sing it for her so she knew the way it usually goes.

So far the puppets don't speak Portuguese, but who knows, maybe they'll start.

Sean said...


You are my hero. You and Liz who have the "yes" to go and do this international telling. Powerful.

Found out today how to make links to CDBABY be good for both you and storyteller.net. See how it looks on your page with us. Bottom right hand corner.

Maybe there will be a way to resurrect storytellingproducts.com.

PriscillaHowe said...

It's pretty fun. Good for my soul, too. Not so good for paying bills, but what truly matters? Look for news of two international tours in 2009!

Good about CDbaby on storyteller.net.

Faith said...

Wow - what a great compliment about skipping lunch to hear another story!

What's the weather like down there?

Granny Sue said...

Love the photos, Priscilla. Money? who cares. You're living the best life you can live, and that's what counts.