Monday, October 13, 2008

Converse All Stars

I misunderstood some directions today (not related to my work) and consoled myself with a new pair of shoes. As I mentioned earlier, Brazilian women tend to have smaller feet than I do. Never mind, I found some shoes that just crack me up. I know many friends and family members will roll their eyes--how many pairs of Converse All Stars does a person really need, after all?

How could I pass these up? I've always wanted the really tall ones and these are just in time for Halloween. Make no mistake, I intend to wear them at other times of the year as well.

There's an incredible choice of Converse shoes here, much better than at home unless I get online. I even considered buying the green low-tops that say "Brasil" in Coca-cola script on the side, but I restrained myself.

Sorry about the blurriness. My camera has been a little odd lately. Or maybe I moved.



Love those shoes! What a smart move to snap them up. Up to this point colorful and mis-matched socks have been my fashion statement - you have opened my eyes to more fun possibilities.

anthea said...

hey priscilla-

how fantastic to follow along on your adventures! i had to check in on your blog today because i had brasil on the brain. just spent two days taking the Brasil Guitar Duo around to our schools here! The fellows were really fantastic and we had great conversations about Brasil and sao paulo where they live. i love the idea of you in brasil sharing your art with the kids there and Douglas and Joao here doing the same. A nice full circle!

Love the shoes!

PriscillaHowe said...

I saw that the Brasil Guitar Duo would be in Lawrence while I'm in SP. Funny! If they're still there, tell them I'm having a great time in their city.

I did forget to mention that for times I'm feeling more restrained, the high tops came with an extra set of black laces. Will I use them?

Arielle said...

Nice post..! I always like my Converse All Star shoes.