Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fruit at home

No papaya for breakfast. I went to the grocery store yesterday and looked at the sorry (and expensive) papayas in the produce section. No, not local. I did have a couple of wonderfully crisp apples, giant thanks to one of the elves who delivered food to my house before I got home. There were also a couple of perfect pears on the table, and my tomato plant had some fruit that the squirrels didn't eat. Also fresh jalapenos off the plants in back. 

And look what I found at the Community Mercantile, our food coop: 

The one on top is acai pulp for making smoothies. Also expensive, but I seem to be indulging myself today. The bottom one is just the fizzy stuff for getting a good dose of vitamin C.

Acai is pronounced "ah-sah-ee" with the stress on the ee. I'm not quite sure how to put the cedilla under that c.


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