Monday, October 27, 2008

Miscellany from Brazil

I'm home. That is, my body is here, but my heart is still in Brazil. 

On Saturday, before I left, we went to a free concert in the park in Sao Paulo. Funny to get to hear the amazing Sonny Rollins in Brazil! It was a beautiful day, with lots of great people-watching and great music. From there to lunch at a little organic foods cafe, then on to the airport for the 26-hour trip back to Kansas (slightly longer than expected, due to a mechanical problem on the plane in Miami). 

Anyway, I had a few more photos from Friday I wanted to put up. First is Daniel, our taxi driver for several days: 

He didn't speak English, but Cris said he was full of opinions. On the last day, he insisted that we eat at a particular restaurant near Cultura Inglesa. It was very chiqui, very expensive, and not quite as good as some of the other places we ate, but I think we ate there because of the force of Daniel's conviction. He wasn't even with us for the meal!

On that day, we walked around the neighborhood near Cultura Inglesa. Here's a Bird of Paradise we saw on our walk:
Did I mention that the Cultura Inglesa branches all kindly provided a huge amount of food for the two of us? Here's part of the spread at the first one last Friday. You can't see the giant bowl of grapes (possibly the most delicious I've ever had), or the plates of sliced turkey and cheese.

Yes, I think there were ten rolls there. 

I loved the names of the table napkins:
Then again, we've got Chinet and Coronet napkins, so who am I to comment?


Deb said...

Well, the photo of the bird of paradise somehow seems to typify Priscilla In Brazil: head up, looking beautiful and unique and like someone/thing you'd want to have a conversation with. And the Snob and Rigor napkins are completely great!!!

How many of the Million-Roll Plate rolls did you two eat?

PriscillaHowe said...

I think I had a whole roll, Cris had half, and then Enrique joined us and had another one. Most likely the rest of the staff got the others. I did eat a lot of the grapes here and at the next Cultura Inglesa.

Les said...

Welcome back! How did Joe Fish take your absence/return?

Alex said...

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PriscillaHowe said...

Joe Fish had a great time at Larry's house, but he's also very pleased to be home. Purring, purring, purring.