Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The baby puppet again

What a hit! This baby is fabulous. She could pop her binky out of her mouth for a full 45-minute show and get a laugh every time. I go back and forth on whether to do a pop or a kind of raspberry. Kids have been showing a preference for the bilabial pop, but it's very close. The baby's voice has softened, thank goodness, because the George Burns rasp was hurting my throat. She has a ridiculous little laugh after the pacifier ejection, and she has taken to telling the audience that Trixie sat on her head. I've got to discuss babysitting techniques with Trix. As the baby says, "Ow. Squish."

Tomorrow I'm going to a school but not as a performer. Molly, who gave me the baby puppet, invited me to "Grandparents and Special Friends Day" at her school. She doesn't have any grandparents nearby. Though she didn't say it, I know she's hoping I'll bring Trixie and the baby. Of course I will. Hope the baby doesn't want to eat the turkey and mashed potatoes. No regular school cafeteria fare for grandparents and special friends--we'll not be having chicken fingers and tater tots.

Molly is in 4th grade. When she was quite little, she met my puppet Trixie and they formed a special bond. One day after a performance Molly invited Trixie over for a sleepover. When Trixie demurred, Molly suggested a play date instead. I wasn't included in the invitation. I've been telling this story for years, and Molly tells it on herself as well. Tomorrow should be fun.