Saturday, June 16, 2012

Street music

Two posts in one day? It must be a weekend on tour! I promise, I'll get back to writing about storytelling in the schools soon.

But first, did somebody say "tango"? This is Buenos Aires, after all!

I had a lovely day wandering first around San Telmo, then on down to Calle Florida, a pedestrian shopping street. I wasn't terribly interested in shopping, but then I heard music. On the street. A mix of tango, jazz, swing and who knows what else. I stopped to put some money in the hat, then stayed to listen longer. I ended up buying a CD of El Metodo. Here are a few clips:

There were no tiny children in the crowd today, but I could well imagine this scene!

Maybe it's time to get my concertina out when I get home. The bandoneon player was great! (My apologies to Spanish-speakers--I can't figure out how to put the accent over the o in bandoneon.)


Granny Sue said...

Great posts, Priscilla! What an adventure you are having.

megan hicks said...

How can that music go from tragic to hopeful within the space of four bars? All that passion and, for my money at least, not a whiff of "sentimental." Thank you for the aural postcard.

Anonymous said...

I'm really jealous but soooo happy for you. Joanna banana