Wednesday, June 06, 2012

More from Argentina

I am going to write about the schools, I am. Not today, though. I've done ten shows in the past three days and am tired. A few people asked to see the inside of my studio apartment, so here it is: 

No, just kidding. That's a picture of a fireplace at the Michael Ham School, where I was today and tomorrow. Here's the studio apartment:  
The view as you walk in the door.
The view right by the front door, before you get to the main living area.
The kitchen and dining area.
The view from the other direction. Notice the Moderne chairs. Not comfortable, but the bed is.
There's a balcony, though it has been too cold to spend much time out there (I think it was in the 30s fahrenheit here today, colder than usual). Oh, and there is a very polite elevator--a voice says, "Welcome!" when I get on downstairs. She announces the arrival to the right floor. When I take the elevator down, she says, "Thank you for your visit."


Carolyn Stearns said...

What a great adventure, enjoy each second!

MADeWH said...

"Drive skilfully, Leo!"

Carla said...

haha, you made me laugh wit the elevator that says "welcome" to you every time. I remember this one time I got a flat in this super modern building that had three elevators, but each of them said something different. One said: "Hello, how are you?", the other said: "You are welcome to this elevator" and the last one said: "hope you have a nice ride on this elevator". It made me laugh. I asked the lady from 4rent Argentina (the company that got me this apartment) how come they said different things and she told me that it had been an idea from the architect of the building!