Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Greetings from Argentina!

I'm here! I arrived in Buenos Aires on Saturday. It's a loooong way down here. The flight from Dallas was 11 hours, after a couple of hours from Kansas City.

I'm sitting in my studio apartment in San Telmo, a lovely historic neighborhood. Here are some views from my third floor window:

Looking left into San Telmo, my neighborhood

Looking right toward Av. 9 de Julio. Can you see the Basque restaurant? I haven't tried it yet.

Looking straight--there's a real mix of architectural styles in Buenos Aires
I've explored the neighborhood and the next neighborhood over, La Boca, a little, mostly with Alberto, my tour manager and friend. Of course the first night we had steak, as this is beef country. Lots of Italians settled here, too, so on Sunday we had wonderful pizza. 

Pizza caprese, with olives, fresh basil, slices of tomato and mozzarella. Yum!
I'm off to a school now. Yesterday was a great start to the school performances, at San Javier and Villa Devoto School.

I'll write more about the schools soon.


Carla said...
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Carla said...

I loved being there. I enjoyed San Telmo too. BA is known as the birthplace of Tango, it is no surprise that art and culture are the pulse of the city’s vitality. Buenos Aires has the largest concentration of active theaters is South America, but few are as well known as Teatro Colon. The multi-thousand seat theater, has hosted the biggest names in opera, theater, music and dance since it’s opening in the late 19th century. I had an apartment rental in Buenos Aires for two weeks and I felt there were many more things I wanted to do!