Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Buenos Aires views

I've got a heavy school schedule here, so lots of my views of Buenos Aires are from the cab on the way to or from schools. On the weekends, I've had time to see a little bit. Here are a few pictures.

On Sunday, walking through San Telmo, the neighborhood where I'm living, Alberto and I saw people dancing in the street. The woman with her back to the camera is leading the dancing. Notice the drum on the far left.

Wait, is this Buenos Aires or Moscow? On the way from San Telmo to La Boca, the neighborhood to the south, we stopped at the Russian Orthodox Church.It's fully functioning--there was a service going on when we went in.
Caminito is a street museum, a touristy area of La Boca, with artisan shops, tango demonstrations and plenty of kitsch. The story is that the buildings are painted with the leftover paint from the shipyard nearby. Some of them have sheet metal siding, also from the ships.
Here are some life-sized statues of Diego Maradona, Eva Peron and Carlos Gardel.
This is the fileteado style of sign painting seen all over Buenos Aires:

And here we are, back in Moscow, with the restaurant El Samovar de Rasputin. Not sure I'd like to eat there!


megan hicks said...

Download some Astor Piazzolla and plug in your earbuds next time you're strolling through the neighborhood...especially La Boca.

Have you started drinking mate?

Iva Grbesic said...

Hi Priscila,
Please use whatever pictures you like from my Don Carlos post. I am so happy you enjoyed my review and are going to give me credit on your blog for the pictures!

One Chic Mom

Priscilla said...

No mate yet, but Megan, check out my two next posts. Plenty of food for...um, well, food. And music.

Thanks, Iva! Or should I say "hvala lepo"? I put a link to your blog on the next post.