Friday, June 08, 2012

Schools in Argentina so far

Today is the fifth school day of the tour. Because schools in Argentina teach at least half the day in Spanish, I tend to be at schools either in the morning or the afternoon, not both. Today I have three performances beginning at 1:30, so I have the morning here in the apartment. The school day runs until 4:30.

I've been having a grand time! So far, I've done fourteen shows at six schools, for students ranging from age 6 to 12. The level of English varies from school to school. Very few of the students so far have been native speakers of English. A few come up to tell me that they used to live in Florida or Connecticut. Of course, the younger kids generally understand less, but the puppets help me on that score.
The baby is always a hit.
The children wear uniforms and often the boys and girls are seated separately. I was at an all-girls school on Tuesday and Wednesday--perfect opportunities to tell Stephanie's Ponytail by Robert Munsch. 

Here's a 2nd grader joining in on Poor Little Bug on the Wall

That's it for today. Off I go to work!


megan hicks said...

I love knowing you're down there. I hope you're having a fantastic time and your energy level stays high. Fortify yourself with alfajores. You can't live on steak alone.

Besitos to Alberto.

Besos y abrazos para ti.

Carolyn Stearns said...

such an adventure that will in turn create more stories! Enjoying following the updates.

Priscilla said...

Thanks! I'll add more posts soon.

Anonymous said...

Hola Pri!!! It is an honor to have you in Argentina as one of our Master Storytellers : ) I am glad to know that Schools in my country are having such a blast with your performances!

You have been delightful to work with so far and we hope our country spice up your tour and your smile !

Thank you for your professionalism and charisma!

" Los alumnos tienen una sonrisa grande" ; )

Priscilla said...

Gracias, Sol! I think this has been one of my best DreamOn tours, thanks in large part to the way you all set up the performances and take good care of me.