Saturday, October 31, 2009

Queretaro, Hotel Hidalgo

(I'd put an accent on that second e in Queretaro if I knew how.)

I spent Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon in Queretaro, a lovely Colonial town in central Mexico, with Dina, my tour manager. We stayed at Hotel Hidalgo, which was built in 1825, as a hotel (that is, not as a convent or a private home or anything else).

After checking in, we went into the courtyard, which I later discovered was the best place for Internet access, and pretty good for a cup of coffee or a meal. This is what it looked like in the morning:

My room was small, very quiet and dark, perfect for sleeping.

Here's the view down the hall from my room:

After we checked in, Dina and I went out in search of supper. First we stopped to watch some indigenous dancers. It looked like a class, because most of them were wearing street clothes, with the anklets of cow toenails (can't remember what those are really called, but they sound cool).

We wandered up the block into another small square where we found several restaurants with tables outdoors.

Lest you think I've only been touristing around (and eating) in Mexico, in the next post I'll put pictures of my storytelling sessions in Queretaro.

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Mary said...

That is a beautiful hotel. I love your room.