Friday, October 02, 2009

Caveat emptor!

Dang. I got so excited about ebay having three Trixies that I didn't read the description well enough. Good thing I didn't buy all three. The imposter just arrived:
She's smaller than the real Trixie, has a wart and a snaggle tooth, and her hands aren't gloves. She's definitely a witch. Trixie is clear about not being a witch. She's just an old lady. "If you get to be 111, you might look this good," she says. The black dress? Very slenderizing.

Ah, well. I know Folkmanis means well, but still.

Anybody looking for a witch stage puppet? Let me know!


Mary said...

And her skin is green! The real Trixie might be getting out the pancake makeup for that.

Kristen said...

and just look at those eyebrows! I don't think the real Trixie would be interested in all that plucking and waxing.