Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm trying to catch up--it has been a busy few days!

Yesterday, Dina, the second tour manager, came to pick me up at the hotel in Mexico City so we could catch a bus to Teotihuacan, the huge archaeological site where the third largest pyramids in the world can be found. We left some bags at the bus station for our trip later in the day to Queretaro and boarded the bus. Along the way, we picked up a guitarist who sang and played for tips for a while, then had the bus driver let him off again.

It was about a 30 minute bus trip to the site. Here I am with the Pyramid of the Sun in the background:

I knew it would be sunny, but I didn't realize it would be so windy. We had a great day, though, despite forecasts of rain. We walked along the Avenue of the Dead, successfully avoiding the hawkers of chachki along the way. Dina decided to wait below while I climbed the 250 steps of the Pyramid of the Sun. I took it slowly. It was a long way up!

At the top, people stood with their arms out as if flying in the wind. Some also meditated. Others took pictures and chatted. Some caught their breath.

Looking down we could see the slightly lower Pyramid of the Moon. Amazing!

And here's Dina on the wall waiting for me. Notice the colors of the stone.

I was imagining the entire Avenue of the Dead filled with people, as I'm sure it was at times. Incredible. We were very quiet in the bus on the way back to Mexico City (and need I mention that I slept well last night, from all the fresh air and going up and down the pyramid)?

We caught the bus to Queretaro in the midafternoon. More on that soon.


Anonymous said...

Up and down the pyramid - you wrote it briefly, but I bet it was its own adventure! I loved the picturres, too. And as for the newspaper article - I hope I can copy it.

Teotihuacan pyramids said...

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