Sunday, November 01, 2009

Queretaro, at work

On Thursday morning we got up early, had breakfast and hopped in a cab for Colegio Fontenar. After the hugeness of Mexico City, Queretaro felt like a small town. It took us only about twenty minutes to get to this beautiful school in the outskirts of the city. When we arrived, we learned that one group of children wouldn't be able to attend the storytelling as they had been quarantined for H1N1. Those were the four-year olds. Instead I had the threes and fives, in two different groups.

What I know is that even though the three-year olds didn't understand my words, and the fives couldn't believe that I didn't speak Spanish (I answered their Spanish questions in English, though), there is value for the children in hearing a native speaker tell stories. They also all understood puppet.

Here we did a song with movement:

Thank goodness for songs, fingerplays and puppets! I could see by the way the children joined in that they were following the action. Very fun.

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