Sunday, June 15, 2008


A few years ago, I performed at the Alford Branch of the Wichita Public Library. I noticed these trees next to the library. Don't they look like they're dancing? Last Monday, I was back at Alford and took this picture.

It was a good show at Alford, as well as at Linwood, Westlink and Angelou branches last week. I also was in Mulvane, Derby and Mt. Hope, KS, doing my "Creepy Crawlies" show. This show still cracks me up. Hope it does all the way through July.

In Wichita, I got to stay with my friend Jean. I rarely get to see her, since she moved away from KC a couple of years ago. Very fun!


Deb said...

Great pic!

PriscillaHowe said...

I thought I'd get a comment from you on that one!