Monday, June 23, 2008

Traces of the Trade on POV

I've written about my cousin Katrina Browne's documentary, Traces of the Trade, in the past. It's going to be shown tomorrow night (June 24) on the PBS program POV.

After Katrina discovered that our ancestors were slave traders, she set out to trace the journey made by the traders and slaves, with a group of family members. It promises to be a fascinating show. I've only seen the trailer so far. I had the same experience as my sisters, who commented that it was hard to watch all the way through because they kept saying, "Hey! There's Dad! Look, it's Aunt Lidy!"

Here's the trailer.


Anonymous said...

Chinless white people feeling bad. It's such a poorly made film. Too bad tax dollars were wasted.

What's with the shot of the guy picking up the chicken off the ground?

Another fun scene is at the dinner when all the Harvard and Princeton grads try to pretend they got in because of their high SAT scores.

PriscillaHowe said...

I'm sorry you didn't leave your comment on the POV blog--or maybe you did? Anonymously?

At any rate, I've now seen the documentary and while I don't agree with your first paragraph, I do agree on the second two.

Here's what my sister Mary said in her
blog post on the film. I agree.