Sunday, June 08, 2008

Progress on Punch and Judy

After doing nothing with Punch and Judy for over a year, I finally can report a bit of progress.

My sister-in-law came over to get me moving along on building the stage (known as a Punch booth in the trade). We began last year with a new metal and cloth wardrobe and some pieces of an old one. Kate kindly cut the fabric for the front bottom curtain, took it home and sewed it up.

We're able to use the cannibalized wardrobe fabric as well to give the shape and so I'll have a roof. We'll add the same striped fabric to the top and sides, as well as a black scrim, a transparent curtain I can be behind while I do the show, so I can see the audience but I'll be almost invisible.

Let's see, what's left to do? Finish building the booth, finish building the puppets, figure out the actual script, make sure I have the props, write up a short historical explanation so people will not get all PC about the violence... Will it be done this summer? Stay tuned.

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