Saturday, March 22, 2008

The next DVD

I'm planning my next DVD. The first, The Bully Billy Goat and Other Stories, was filmed in the library at Sunset Hill Elementary. So far it has had good reviews, including a comment from one of the videographers the other day, who said, "If it was possible to wear out a DVD, my daughter would have done it with yours."

The next one will be in a larger venue. When I've sent the BBG to prospective bookers, they have sometimes thought that I only tell in small venues. I need to show that I'm comfortable with groups of 250-300 kids. I can do more, though in school settings, that's about as many as makes sense. My largest family audience was 1400, when I told stories to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and 4-H kids at the Lied Center of Lawrence in 1993. In one of the stories, an old woman character offered apple to a deer, and the entire audience held their breaths.

Back to the planning process. I like to do recordings live. Having the kids' reactions adds to the whole experience. I've got a school in mind, and they're looking forward to a free performance. I'll get release forms for the kids to be on the video. Those who don't bring the form back will be allowed to attend the performance but will sit out of view of the cameras.

This DVD will be more focused than the last (animal stories from around the world). I'm planning to tell funny-scary stories, and I'll include all four stories about the baby from The ghost with the one black eye and Chickens! I've got two or three more funny-scary stories to add to the mix. The baby puppet will come out at one point for some hilarity. Trixie may show off her Halloween costume. I'm hoping this will be a 40-minute video. We'll see if I get it done by October.

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