Friday, March 28, 2008

Did you notice the new video in the sidebar?

Here it is, in case you missed it over there:

One of the things I learned in making this video was to be specific with the cameramen. In fact, I was, but the videographer directly opposite me was not really listening. I said, "Please zoom in on the puppet when she's speaking." Now I know that I need to make absolutely sure that the cameraman understands what I mean. In real life (not on camera), people don't even notice that my lips are moving, because I'm drawing the focus to the puppet. With a wider angle, I can't shift that focus. I'd also told the cameraman that I wanted him to get me mostly waist up--my legs are not a key part of the shot. Again, he wasn't listening.

Never mind. Maybe it doesn't matter. Today I was at a preschool telling stories and a kid said, "Hey, Priscilla! Remember me?!" It was my buddy Tristan, who was introduced to my stories on this DVD. One day he and his mother were in my neighborhood and noticed that I was in the car in front of them (that vanity plate works!). When I stopped, Tristan's mom called out to tell me that Tristan loved the video. I invited them in to meet Trixie and Mavis. Tristan was so excited he walked into the wall. Today, he was calmer, but still pleased to see the puppets and hear the stories.

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