Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy World Storytelling Day!

Yup, not only is it Mr. Rogers' birthday (for those of you outside the US, Fred Rogers was an iconic children's television program host, a gentle man who wore sneakers and a cardigan, and who had calm discussions with children and puppets about Life), but it is World Storytelling Day.

By coincidence, I was booked to perform the program World Tour: Folktales From Around the Globe at the Lawrence Public Library. It's always fun to perform in my own town, where my groupies join in.

Here's what I told:
Cat and Mouse (Germany)
Unanana and the Elephant (South Africa)
The Ghost With the One Black Eye (US)
The Pincoya's Daughter (Chile)

We also sang Nighty Night, with antics from the baby puppet, and My Aunt Came Back, a call and response song with lots of audience participation.

As I write this, I remember that I began by having the kids pretend to pack their suitcases, and we flew to the first two places, but I completely forgot to carry that theme through to the end. Ah, well. Hope everybody made it home okay.

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