Sunday, January 27, 2008

Making a living as a storyteller, Part 7

Here's a little bibliography from my white paper on making a living as a storyteller:

Useful books for the journey

Earn what you deserve by Jerrold Mundis. Beyond any other book, this one got me away from the “starving artist” mindset. Here’s a phrase to remember: “resentment blocks flow.”

How to be your own booking agent and save thousands of dollars by Jeri Goldstein. Incredibly helpful info on the arts world.

The storyteller’s guide by Bill Mooney and David Holt. This is a goldmine of information from storytellers who really make a living at this fabulous art.

Attracting perfect customers: The power of strategic synchronicity by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez. I’ve had great results with some of the exercises in this book (warning: new-agey!).

Who says: essays on pivotal issues in storytelling by Carol Birch and Melissa Heckler. This comes under the category of learning about the artform.

Only one more little piece to follow.

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