Sunday, January 27, 2008

Making a living as a storyteller, Part 6

Here are a few more chunks of my white paper on making a living as a storyteller:

Don’t be a luddite! Online marketing is your friend.

· Have a website. If you can’t afford a full website, get a page on and be sure to keep it updated. Already have a website? Get a basic page there anyway.

· Get listed everywhere. Get an entry in the National Storytelling Directory, list your business on your local convention and visitor’s bureau, look for community and arts websites in your area. Nobody will beat a path to your door if they don’t know who you are.

· Don’t spam! If you send out mass e-mailings, you must include an opt-out line (“If you don’t want to receive these messages, please reply with Unsubscribe in the title line.”).

· If you do send out mass e-mail messages, you run the risk of being put on spam blacklists, or at the very least many of your messages won't get through regular spam filters.

· If you do send out mass e-mail messages, always use BCC so the addresses of everybody on your list are hidden.

· Consider having a blog, so your fans can listen in to your thoughts.


· Apply to be on your state arts commission roster. Learn how the commission underwrites performances. To make this easier for the agencies booking you, learn how to do the paperwork yourself and offer to help fill it out.

· Pay your quarterly estimated taxes—and remember that when you have to pay taxes, it means you made money in the year. Good on you!

· Take the long view. If a gig doesn’t work out this time, maybe it will in a year or five.

· Have fun!

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