Sunday, January 06, 2008

Blogs I read

A few months ago, my sister Mary showed me how to use Google reader. This is much easier than checking in on blogs periodically, because it shows me at a glance which have been updated. I set up my reader and put it on my toolbar, so I can click it easily. Then I started adding blog subscriptions like crazy. Here are some of my favorites:

Don't think (Mary's view of life, yoga, plastic, Buster and more)
Life, The Universe, And Everything (Mianne's blog on it all, including many Dutch masters)
Le Pen Quotidien (a different fabulous drawing with comments every day)
Pop Sensation (vintage paperback covers that have me rolling on the floor)
Fussy (Eden Kennedy's compelling commentary on life)
Indexed (hilarious diagrams of the everyday)
The Log of Whisper (Kristen and Hans' adventures sailing)
With Vanilla and Honey (not hungry? Erin's blog will change this!)
I Can Has Cheezburger (an embarrassingly addictive blog of cats with captions)
Language Log (fascinating ideas on language written by real linguists)
Rex Parker's New York Times Crossword Puzzle (great help and commentary on the NYT puzzle)

Of course, I read storytelling blogs, too:
A Quarter for a Tale (Sean Buvala's regular blog)
My 2008 or What a Storyteller Does All Day Long (Sean's new blog, short posts with a picture of what he does)
Granny Sue's News and Reviews (Granny Sue on storytelling, life, grandkids, recipes, stories and more)
Breaking the Eggs (Tim Ereneta's blog on performance storytelling in the 21st century)

Heavens! When do I have time to do my work?! Good thing I'm a fast reader!

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