Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gram's Place weirdness

The hostel is named Gram's Place for Gram Parsons, not for anybody's grandmother. Just so you know.

It's a strange place, stranger than I expected. In fact, I've decided it has all the charm of a wet washcloth mouldering in the sink. I figured out why, in part: the guy who started this establishment and poured his soul into it died last summer. The folks running it now seem a bit overwhelmed.

The place is really two small houses joined by some strange roofs. I dug around and found a video of it.

This afternoon the guy from the cable company came to the door. He didn't realize he was at the wrong gate, so he asked for Mark (that's the guy who died). One of the other guests went to get the current manager or his wife. The cable guy was just doing his job, but he made the mistake of parking his truck in the driveway, blocking the manager's car. The manager came in the gate and started swearing at the cable guy. At the same time, the manager's wife came out from another part of the hostel and began yelling at the cable guy. I was sitting at a counter right next to all of this.

None of this yelling was necessary. The manager was really belligerent. That was making the cable guy mad, but he left as quickly as he could.

I'm reminded of how much I value politeness and respect.

I don't think I'll stay here again.


Anonymous said...

Wooeee. Sounds like a weird and unpleasant experience. Perhaps the rest of your week will be more cheerful and more fun!

I got on the video -- is that a ramped deck path from one roof to another?

PriscillaHowe said...

Some of it is a ramped deck path, some is uneven brick, and there might be some concrete. The "hot tub" is still full of leaves and debris.

I see this all as fodder for future stories.