Saturday, November 24, 2007

Puppets, stories and Bizarre Bazaar

I'm so glad I'm not on the craft fair circuit. At the Bizarre Bazaar, there were many vendors who travel from show to show, selling their art. While I feel that I did fairly well, I don't think I could sustain that kind of life. I sold lots of buttons and I had a good time watching people choose their favorites. I sold them for a dollar apiece and three for two dollars, so my pocket was full of paper money by the end of the day. I also sold some recordings, tra la.

On the other hand, the other vendors probably couldn't sustain my kind of life either, so it works out. On the third hand (?) I put in a different kind of energy at Bizarre Bazaar than most vendors, because I had my puppets on hand, so to speak. Whenever there was a kid nearby or whenever I got bored, I'd get a puppet out of the bag. I only told a few small stories, mostly just played puppets.

I never know when a good piece of puppet schtick will pop into my mind--or the puppet's mouth, completely bypassing my mind. Today the baby puppet began singing "The itsy bitsy spider," with her own version (best imagined in a baby voice):

Da itsy bitsy tigah
wen' up da piggy snout.
Down came da train and
wash da piggies out.
Ou' came da sun and
it drove out all da train,
so da itsy bitsy tigah
went up da snout again.

The little girls who were in the booth were intent on getting the baby to do it right. Then one of them began her own version, heh heh. We'll see what happens with this.

Tired, tired, tired now. More tomorrow when I've recovered from Biz Baz.

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Mary said...

I LOVE the baby song. This could lead to a whole new shtick. Sort of like I Can Has Cheezburger, but much better.