Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Last school on the residency

I would have been here in Iola through Thursday, but they kindly rescheduled so I'm only here until Wednesday. I wouldn't have minded being here for the whole time, but this means I only have to spend two nights at the Best Western. That's good.

Today I was at McKinley Elementary. No school dog, but still a very good day. I began with a group of kindergartners, then had first graders, then second and finally fifth. They were all great listeners. Do I say this every time? I always expect them to be and then I get what I expect. Works neatly, eh?

I've got to say, the fifth graders this afternoon laughed more uproariously than most audiences. Not forced laughter, they just were enjoying the session. Sometimes the oldest grade in a school will be a bit reticent about joining in to some of the sillier stuff. These kids participated willingly.

On this whole residency, the students and teachers have been wonderful. There was only one class that I can think of where they were slightly less than stellar when I walked in (and they were much more focused and attentive at the end of my session). I found out the next day that the regular teacher was absent and the one who was there was a substitute. It might have been helpful to know that.

This leads me to think about a slightly odd situation, one I may have written about before. Often, the teachers or principals or librarians don't introduce themselves to me when I arrive. They know who I am so they seem to think I know their names. It's a funny assumption.

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Anonymous said...

My best guess is that the teachers don't introduce themselves because they don't think you'll remember their names anyway. I'm sure they know better by the time you leave their school.