Sunday, May 29, 2011

Views outside the schools in Lima

Here are a few views from outside some of the schools I've been to so far.

At Cambridge College, each morning we arrived early to beat rush hour in the taxi. We sat here to wait. Are these plants giant cyclamens, I wonder?

Cambridge College is by the ocean. There was often a sea breeze in those palms above the buildings. The one on the right is the primary school library, which was airy and open, with a friendly librarian. We talked about the fact that she doesn't want computers for the kids to use in the library. There are computers in the classrooms and in the computer lab, and most of these students have them at home. Here, it's about the books. Nice.
This playground equipment is at Markham. Very fancy--looked like fun to climb. Later that day, as we were leaving the school, I saw a herd of small rolling suitcases that the kids use for their books next to this equipment. I almost stopped to get a picture but lunch was calling me. The kids were on the playing field nearby.

This was over on the early primary side at recess.

The weather here is a steady 73 degrees fahrenheit most days (about 23 centigrade), at least now in the autumn, so there are lots of plants blooming. This is outside the building where I performed at Trener School.

Trener has a great view of the hills outside Lima.

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