Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cat parks

I really am going to write about the school performances. First, though, I want to show this curious phenomenon.

Not far from my house, there are a couple of parks where cats live. They curl up in the grass inside the fence or lie on the sidewalk outside. I was surprised to see this in such a public place. This evening I saw a woman carrying a kitten around in one of the parks.
People feed them, though I did see a sign that said only authorized people were allowed to do so.
They seem to be of all ages. As I was watching them, a woman next to me said quietly, "Oh, pobrecitos." Yes, poor little ones. The park smells terrible, so contrary to what most cats prefer.

There seems to be no fighting among them and they weren't bothered by a dog I saw nearby.

This one looked familiar, though I know Mr. Bacon is home in Kansas, in good hands.

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