Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New pictures

My sister-in-law Kate took some great pictures for my website last month. My sister Mary (also my web genius) and I spent some time deciding which will be publicity photos. Here are a few. What do you think?


Sean said...

1,3, and 4 are my votes. The need some fixing up for contrast, lighting etc. Nice updates.

Granny Sue said...

#4 definitely. It's great.

Anonymous said...

##2 & 6: PUPPETS A LITTLE TOO OVERWHELMING. Maybe hold them down a little - I realize they're an exuberant pair.

What other portraits attract kids?

It's time for a new update, isn't it?

Very enjoyable.


I agree with Granny Sue on #4 - I also like #6 - if you cut into the puppets some - cause you have a very nice expression.
I think photos are so hard - - - good luck.