Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My new favorite picture

I'm having trouble writing this. Because it's cold in the office, I brought the laptop out into the living room, closer to the woodstove. Joe Fish took this as an invitation, and so now he's the laptop. The computer is perched on the arm of the chair. Cat is purring.

At any rate, here is my new favorite photo, taken when a friend was visiting. I realized that I didn't have any pictures of me and Joe Fish together, so I asked my friend to snap one.

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Anonymous said...

That's my new favorite picture of you, too! Two very happy creatures enjoying each other's company -- how excellent.

I've realized that since I'm the one with the camera, I'm usually the one taking photos. We have plenty of pix of Sketch and Miss Lulu, and tons of Simon, and Simon with R. The very few that we have of Simon with me are precious, so I've asked R. to take some of me with S and Miss L -- that visual record is a good thing to have, and always a fine way to make yourself smile.