Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last Friday, while studiously not working on Queen Berta and King Pippin, I found myself coughing a little. Not much. Just eh-eh, eh-eh from time to time. I drank lots of water and tea with honey.

The performance went well, for a first public showing. My plan was to make a rough recording of it, but I must have been stuck somewhere in the Middle Ages, because I didn't push the right buttons on my minidisc recorder. My brother kindly did a short video, but we were in the old train depot and the passing trains were LOUD, so that was mostly unusable. You'll have to take my word that it went fine.

Afterwards, friends packed me up and I went home (thanks, everybody!). One friend hung out for a while at my house, as we talked over the performance and everything else in life. When she left at about 10:30, I was starting to feel congested. A few hours later I woke up and knew I was sick. (That friend just called me, with her flu-induced baritone voice.)

This was the worst respiratory flu I can remember. I felt like Death eating a cracker on Sunday. I even called my brother to check on me later in the day, to make sure I hadn't gotten too dehydrated. Chills, fever, headache. Bleah. Fortunately it broke midafternoon.

This is one of those times when it would be helpful to have sick days. Self-employment is great some of the time, but when I'm sick, I long for the days of sick leave. Sick or not, I tend to go to work.

Thank goodness I'm much better today, only occasionally barking like a seal. Time to go have some lemon tea.

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Mary said...

Thank goodness it waited to let you do your long-awaited and worked-on show!! Congratulations on the successful debut. Now, chicken soup, Throat Comfort Tea -- and rest! Pamper yourself!