Sunday, July 03, 2011


The last bit of the marathon Peru tour was a trip up to Trujillo. On the last Wednesday, after two shows, Gustavo and I went directly to the bus station in Lima, where we caught a bus to Trujillo. Our bus was a comfortable one, with large seats that reclined fairly far back, movies and a meal. Thank goodness for that--it was a nine-hour ride north. We arrived at our hotel in Huanchaco Beach, outside Trujillo, at 10 p.m.

Here are the gates to the hotel, from the inside:
And here they are from farther away, toward the steps that went to the swimming pool. I wish I'd had a bathing suit with me, as it got quite warm while we were there.

The next morning we were up early, ready for the taxi at 7:15 a.m. to go to Sir Alexander Fleming College for four performances that day. I had three-year-olds to seventeen-year-olds at this school, but not in the same groups. The level of English was quite good, even with the tinies. Since this was my last school and I was tired, that helped a lot. I knew it would be a good school from the warm welcome from the teachers and the headmaster.

Here are a few views of the campus:
Most schools I visited had a little snack bar where the students can go during recess. I had a very tasty chicken salad sandwich at the one at Fleming.

The second day I was there the kids celebrated Father's Day. The fathers of the younger children came to the school for the celebration.

After work, Gustavo and I were tourists--more on that in the next post. Here's a video clip of the beach where we stayed.

The teacher who organized the storytelling, Kate, and her husband own Sabes, a bar at the beach just a block from our hotel. That first night we hung out with Kate on the balcony at Sabes, overlooking the Pacific. The second night, before we caught the bus back to Lima at 10 p.m., we had a celebratory Pisco Sour.

More on Trujillo in the next post.

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