Saturday, July 16, 2011

Peru miscellany

I've got leftovers in my photo album. They don't need a whole blog post, just a line or two.

In Trujillo we stopped at the botanical garden near the school. Can you see what this is?

I'd never seen a poinsettia that big!

I don't know what this next one is. Maybe I should have left a bowl of food out for it.

And here's a built-in star at the top of the Christmas tree:

These two door knockers were in Trujillo:

And on another completely unrelated note, turtles at the botanical garden in Trujillo:

One day I saw a couple of interesting cars in Miraflores near my apartment:

In various places there were quiet tributes to the Nazca Lines, geoglyphs in the south of Peru. I never got to Nazca, but I did get these pictures in the park overlooking the ocean:

And for no particular reason, I'll end with this little bird:


Granny Sue said...

These photos are great, Priscilla! I like that "giraffe" fruit especially.

Susan Crawford said...

I think those evergreens are aracuaris, a tree older than the gingko. I saw them in Israel last summer. They grow very quickly.

Deb said...

What knockers! (Thanks, Dr. Frankenstein.) But really, I do quite like that fist door knocker.