Friday, January 09, 2009

School inappropriate stories

I offer many different storytelling programs on themes perfect for schools and libraries, such as stories from books, world folktales, stories about wise choices, etc. While I know that kids rarely care about themes as long as I tell engaging stories, adults often prefer to have a specific program. When they don't, I offer Storyteller's Choice, in which I look at the audience and decide what stories would be the best for them in that moment.

I have a lot of stories in my repertoire that are not appropriate for schools and libraries. Many of these stories are about bodily functions. If I told those tales in schools, not only would I probably not be invited back, I'd lose control of the audience and never be able to regain it.

Still, these stories, such as Abu Hassan's Fart, are fun to tell and to listen to. At long last, I've decided to offer a program including them. Here's the blurb from my newly-revamped program list:
School Inappropriate Stories
(all ages) No, these aren’t x-rated stories, just tales of poo, farts, devils and other mild taboo subjects. You’ve been warned!
I'll be curious to see if I get hired to perform this program. 

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