Friday, December 19, 2008

Revamped Going Deep Website

I've been working at the Going Deep Long Traditional Story Retreat website lately. It's not quite finished, but looks much better than it did and is easier to navigate. Soon I hope we'll have some good blog posts on the site.

I'm fond of the banner photo--it's a Medusa head at the bottom of a pillar in the cisterns underneath Istanbul. We won't have stories of Medusa this year, but we will have Gilgamesh told by David Novak, The Story of the Grail told by Liz Warren, and The Paths of Osun: The West African Yoruba Epic told by Marilyn Omifunke Torres.

It's going to be a phenomenal retreat.

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Sean said...

Have you written and posted your press release for this event yet? Share it with us. I might have missed it.