Thursday, November 06, 2008

More on dragonflies

Remember the residency I began in September, the one about lifecycles, butterflies, dragonflies, wetlands and puppets (whew!)? To refresh your memories, here's a picture of the fingerpuppets I designed for the 2nd graders (7 year olds) to make:

While I was in Brazil last month, these children went on field trips to the Baker Wetlands.

Yesterday and today, I met with them again. We talked about what we'd done on the first visit and what they remembered from the field trip. They were full of information and even a little bit of misinformation, as 7-year-olds so often are.

We practiced our zipping, zooming and hovering with the fingerpuppets and then we made up a couple of stories about dragonflies. From there, we shifted over to more about puppets, and how they often have exaggerated actions of the creatures they imitate. Trixie denied this, then sneezed her hat off her head dramatically. The baby puppet popped her binky out of her mouth ten times. We sang Poor little bug on the wall again, to reinforce the idea. At the end, we had questions about butterflies, dragonflies, wetlands and puppets. I reminded them of the question words, to forestall the kind of "my grandmother has a dog" statement.

Also this week, I began the shortened version of the residency with the 2nd graders who didn't get to go to the wetlands. They get one session with me. I have eight more schools to visit. Then all the students will go to a big puppet performance at the Lied Center at the end of the month. I'm planning to go, too. 


Deb said...

Well, this is completely cool. Did everyone remember to bring their finger puppets to the followup sessions? And what sort of misinformation did you hear?

PriscillaHowe said...

The teachers were in charge of the fingerpuppets, so everybody had theirs.

Misinformation or maybe just good imaginations? One kid was certain she heard a rattlesnake at the wetands. Another said her mother had found a spider as big as a dinner plate at home. We do have big spiders in Kansas, but I think that might have been hyperbole. I can't remember the other interesting stuff they offered, but there was more.