Friday, September 26, 2008

On my way!

Just a quick note  here to say that I'm really, truly on my way to Brazil. I'm sitting in the Kansas City airport, having scored a seat near an electrical outlet. Soon I'll board a plane for Dallas, then get on another for Miami, then go on to Rio. I arrive tomorrow morning. 

I rarely leave home for a full month. I'm sometimes on the road for big chunks of time, but I usually go home in between trips. Leaving for a longer period of time requires more forethought: have I paid all the bills ahead, is the house ready for the housesitter, did I turn off the mail and paper, have I packed appropriately, etc. 

On top of all that, I had to have a new sewer pipe put in this week. With an old house, nothing is straightforward--it took the plumber and his many helpers a longer time than expected to figure out all the anomalies. Who knew that there was once a toilet in the garage?! I now have three big filled-in holes in my yard, but I also have some peace of mind. My housesitter, a friend from Scotland, will not have to get the line snaked out. 

I think they're about to call my flight. I'd better post this. More later, from Brazil! This is going to be a great trip! 

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