Wednesday, August 06, 2008

National Storytelling Conference or bust

Shhh. Don't tell the cat. I'm getting ready to pack my bags. He has been known to disappear if he knows I'm leaving (and when he has to go to the vet). He may already know--he's taking a nap in a bookcase, behind a large pile of puppet paraphernalia. Camouflage?

I'll be flying to Tennessee for the conference tomorrow. I've been chosen to be in a regional concert on Friday night. I'll be telling The Portraits. I just put the photo album up in the sidebar so listeners can easily find the portrait of Sarah Visscher Schuyler Hoyle. I'm also going to be helping Olga Loya with her three-hour intensive about Going Deep, the long traditional story retreat. I spent time last night creating buttons to wear and give away.

I'm quite fond of the one at the top that says
Q. What's the opposite of an olio?
A. The Going Deep Long Trad Story Retreat

(An olio is a medley, and at storytelling festivals it means a program with several storytellers, each telling for a short period of time.)

I'm having a small amount of anxiety, not about the story, as I've been telling it for about 17 years, and not about helping Olga, but about what to wear at the concert. Clothes, definitely, but which?


Liz said...

Love the buttons! Do you have enough to give some to LynnAnn to bring home to us??

Granny Sue said...

Break a tongue, Priscilla!

And don't worry about clothes. The story will be astounding, you will be graceful and magical, and everyone will remember the performance--but not your clothes.

Sean said...

Your story of the portraits is primo and has been posted at for some time, should anyone care to hear it at:
this link here.

Buttons....buttons are a great promotional tool at live events. I have to add that to the Camp.