Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home from Gatlinburg

I arrived home from the NSN Conference in Gatlinburg, TN on Sunday evening, then yesterday afternoon (Monday) left home again for a storytelling work retreat. I only have a few minutes before we begin, just wanted to say I'm home--and to show a few pictures of the gaudiness that is Gatlinburg. I'll write more about the conference soon.

This giant marble is on water. Notice the kid pushing it--it rolls!

The streets were jam packed with people. There seem to be hundreds of tacky stores, pancake restaurants, "old timey" kitch emporia and hotels in about a square mile. Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum takes up a lot of real estate, too. I met three Russians working in the restaurants. Do they think the whole US is like this, I wonder?


Sean said...

I'll have to look for these features when I am there next month.

Les said...

Hey Skiller! I saw those things in May and thought the very same thing - it's touristy and tacky! The granite ball was cool though. Gatlinburg is definitely NOT on my list of things to ever do again!