Monday, July 14, 2008

Going Deep 2009 announcement

Depth. Substance. A rich storytelling experience. Aaah.

Mark your calendars for March 19-22, 2009 in Bethlehem, IN (not far from Louisville, KY). We're now finally ready to announce the lineup for Going Deep, the long traditional story retreat.

Hang on, hang on, what was that? Retreat? I thought it was a festival!

We've been calling it a festival since before the first one in 2006, but in truth, it's a retreat. Three days of intense stories, workshops, community, delicious food, laughter and relaxation in a beautiful setting? Optional activities like massages, palm reading, art projects, long walks and naps? Sounds like a retreat to me.

Here are the featured stories and storytellers:

The Grail, told by Liz Warren
The questions posed in The Grail are as relevant today as they were when it was written in the twelfth century. How do we cultivate open and compassionate hearts in a perilous world? What is the connection between human woundedness and the health of the earth? When should we speak and when should we be silent? The story is symbolically rich and complex, yet at the same time is simply about the wonder and grace of earning a second chance.

The Paths of Osun: The West African Yoruba Epic Journey of the Goddess in Heaven and on Earth, told by Marilyn Omifunke Torres
Marilyn Omifunke Torres takes listeners on a journey through the five stages of transformation from Divinity to Woman. The 3000-year-old myths of Osun as the goddess of fresh waters invite the listeners to explore the journey we must all undergo if we are to awaken to the path of love, creativity and sensuality in the power of the feminine within every human living on the planet.

Gilgamesh, told by David Novak
In a moving narrative of power and love, Gilgamesh the King searches for humanity and immortality. Novak uses expressive voice and staging to bring this ancient tale to contemporary audiences. Gilgamesh, the world's oldest piece of literature, resonates even after 5000 years.

Check out for full registration details.

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