Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dusty Sailor

One of my favorite flowers is Dusty Sailor, otherwise known as chicory. It's a tough plant, often seen on the side of the road. It doesn't last when picked, as my mother just mentioned in her column, Grow it in Maine. This one was at a rest stop between Columbia, MO and Lawrence, KS.


Anonymous said...

Wondereful picture of Dusty Sailor! And the peaches - are you still eating them? How did the pie go at the pot luck?

PriscillaHowe said...

Hi, Mom!
I set the picture of the Dusty Sailor as my computer wallpaper, on the desktop.

The peaches are long gone. Most went into the pie. Two went into my cereal on Saturday and Sunday. The pie went over well at the potluck.