Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You never know who might be a client

On Monday, the loss adjuster from the insurance company delivered a check for the old car. I mentioned that I switched the registration to my newer car because I have a vanity license plate (STORYTL).

Of course, the usual question followed, "What exactly do you do?"

We chatted about storytelling and then she gave me a funny look. "You aren't by any chance going to Valley Falls?"

Yup. I'll be there in two weeks. It turns out she has two kids at that school and she's on the PTO. They just approved the payment for the performances.

A few years ago, I was at a bluegrass festival, buying a fresh lemonade. The young woman making it asked if I was a storyteller. She had heard me when she was in elementary school. Another time, I was at Go Chicken Go!(love that name for a chicken restaurant), and the kid behind the counter asked if I was a librarian. He had heard me tell stories as part of the library program at the Juvenile Detention center a year before.

You never know. Treat everybody as if they were a potential or past client.

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