Friday, December 28, 2007

I got a new microphone

When I first started telling stories in larger venues than the library, I got a lavalier microphone. That's the kind that clips onto your clothes, with a wire going to a little battery pack, which sends a signal to a transmitter, which in turn is plugged into a powered speaker. I used that lavalier for a number of years before I decided that it just wasn't loud enough. When I turned my head away from the microphone, I faded right out. If it got tangled in my clothes, the noise was awful or my voice was muffled.

I shifted to a microphone on a stand. I've used this for about ten years and have been happy with it. It's not wireless, but that doesn't matter--I've got a long cord that goes to my little powered speaker (Galaxy PA5X Hot Spot). I can reach about 250-300 kids in a gymnasium with this setup.

Still, I was thinking about how nice it would be not to be tethered to the microphone and stand. I took a deep breath and ordered a headset microphone from Mass Street Music. Yup, like Madonna or Garth Brooks, but without the undergarments or hat. I got an EV RE2, with a beige headset.

I haven't used it yet, though I've had it for a couple of weeks. I tried it out in my house. Hard to tell what it's like. The cat had no comments. I've only had one performance that required any amplification since I bought it, and I actually forgot to take my new toy. I don't think I'll need it until the end of January. I hope I like it!

By the way, that little Hot Spot is great. It weighs only about 20 pounds and is dead easy to use. I've had problems with it twice in the last ten years, and both times the folks at the factory in Wichita have fixed it quickly and for free, assuring me it was still under warranty.

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