Thursday, April 26, 2012

Natural distractions

It's hard to sit at my desk these days. Here are a few reasons:

These have gone by already but were great while they lasted. I also had tulips in many colors, snowdrops and grape hyacinth. I missed the flowering of the weeping cherry, but was consoled for this by the dogwoods. 
I brought the purple irises from my house in Lawrence. The white were from freecycle last year, so I didn't know what to expect. Lovely!

Dianthus in a little strip next to the walk where I had the only bit of lawn on my property. I dug that up and added these, hardy chrysanthemums, sedum and snapdragons from the distressed plant shelf at the hardware store last fall. I added daffodil bulbs and the above irises. None of this is distressed now! 

Notice the clematis climbing the fence--last year I thought that was chokeweed and tried to pull it out. Thank goodness for its survival instinct.
This flower alerted me to the existence of the vine.

The clematis in front of the house is amazing this year. The roses are hiding behind this  vine. 
Here's the clematis close up. Fancy variety!

I'm not taking pictures of the lettuce and peas, as there are way too many weeds in the vegetable bed. I may take some of this afternoon off to deal with them.

Back to storytelling soon!

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