Monday, November 28, 2011

Video of Peeps at Maple Valley School

A friend was looking me up on youtube and found this--I didn't even know it was up. It was filmed at Maple Valley School in Kansas City, MO, during the Kansas City Storytelling Celebration earlier this month.

I had two different groups at this school. The kids responded really well. I think my favorite part was walking around after the stories inviting each of the kids to shake hands or touch my puppet Trixie. She's quite gentle in this kind of setting.

By the way, I DO have my own youtube channel. Check it out!


ssstoryteller said...

hi, love it,
what stories do you tell for special children...

PriscillaHowe said...

It depends on the audience. This group enjoyed a story by Robert Munsch, a couple of fingerplays, "Poor Little Bug on the Wall" (see my youtube channel), and "The Gunniwolf". Essentially, I did a preschool program. Lots of repetition, hand motions that kids can do with me if they're able, rhythm, rhyme, puppets, songs. I did two shows. I wish they'd filmed the first show, because the kids and teachers were more engaged.