Saturday, October 29, 2011

More travels in Kansas and Missouri

I've been happily busy this past month, traveling around Kansas and Missouri. I've been to Columbia, Stockton and El Dorado Springs, MO, as well as Topeka, Scott City, Burlingame, Altoona, Fredonia and Overland Park, KS. This has been an eclectic month. Since Oct. 1, I have
  • told stories for the public, including a large group from a Montessori school, at a community center, 
  • guest taught a community college class in public speaking for my friend Kareen King,
  • visited a high school art class for a performance/workshop designed to get the kids to think about how to translate storytelling into visual images,
  • worked with four groups of 8th graders for two days on storytelling, oral communications and writing,
  • performed for elementary school assemblies,
  • joined the Fine Arts Chorale of KC for another fun Halloween concert at the library (program: music, story, music, story, music, story, music, milk and cookies),
  • told stories at public libraries for kids and a large group from a nursing home,
  • told funny-scary stories at a Halloween celebration for families at a large corporation.
It has been a blast, as always, and has involved a lot of driving. Here is some of what I've seen:

Old School, literally.
I drove past Claflin on my way to Scott City (that's about a 7 hour drive from my house). I always think of storyteller Willy Claflin when I see this sign.

This is in Scott City, KS. I ate at the adjoining Mexican restaurant, where they had a lovely chile relleno. Not roadkill.

This abandoned limestone house is a typical sight on the plains of Kansas. The early settlers built these houses to last! 

I love the colors of Kansas in the fall. The red is a field of milo (sorghum). 

Here's milo close up.

Classic advertising on the walls in Fredonia, KS.

Last month I wrote about Gas, KS and said I regretted not getting a picture of the Bank of Gas. I passed Gas (pardon me)on my way to Altoona and Fredonia for this photo.

Next I'll write about the residency in Scott City with 8th graders.

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David Elliott said...

Much fun and lovely colors~thanks and congrats!