Saturday, August 06, 2011

DVDs galore

The Peru trip is long over, summer reading programs in the libraries have had their final celebrations and now it's time for me to turn my attention to the new DVD, The Itsy Bitsy Tiger and Other Ridiculous Stories and Songs.

Did I mention that I ordered 1000 of these and that they're in my puppet room?

Thank goodness that picture is an optical illusion, with the mirrored closet door behind the boxes. Still, those eleven boxes are daunting. Add to that the other CDs and DVDs in the storage space above the closet and some upstairs in my office, and you start to think that this little piggy could build a house out of recordings.

I still have cassettes of The Ghost With the One Black Eye and Chickens, too, hiding inside the closet (anybody want these? let me know, they're going for cheap, cheap, cheap).

At the risk of giving away all my trade secrets, here's what I've done so far:
  • Sent DVDs to my family. They're a huge support to me, whether they're close by or far away.
  • Set up an account at, similar to the one at
  • Sent DVDs to various review sources, such as, School Library Journal and Booklist.
  • Sent it to friends who review storytelling recordings for newsletters or blogs, like Granny Sue and Linda Goodman.
  • Taken them to the Raven Bookstore in Lawrence (they've already restocked once).
  • Written about it on this blog.
  • Posted about it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Taken it to various libraries this summer.
  • Mentioned it to a few other librarians
What I haven't yet done:
  • Told people plainly how much the DVDs are: $15 plus $2 s/h, $12 plus s/h if you're a library or are buying more than 3 (e-mail me if you're interested in ordering it).
  • Made a real plan for marketing this new DVD. I'm still operating by SOTP (right, seat-of-the-pants).
  • Probably a zillion other things that will occur to me at inconvenient times, like when I'm in the shower or driving in a rainstorm or floating on a lake.
Floating on a lake. Ahh, that sounds like the best idea of all.

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