Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paper or plastic?

I'm faced with a dilemma. I'm getting my new DVD ready, once again using OasisCD to manufacture it. In this world where there's WAY too much plastic I cringe at the idea of 1000 plastic DVD cases. However, many of my DVD and CD sales are to libraries, either directly or through companies like Follett Library Services, the AV Cafe and Midwest Tape. As a former librarian, I'm well aware of how annoying non-standard packaging is.

Oasis has something called a Digipak, which they describe this way:
"...we use only 100% Green Forestry Practices Certified board stock and high-quality vegetable based ink on both the board and the discs. We also protect your package with poly wrap and your choice of a sultry, high-gloss UV finish or a subtle matte finish."
The cost is a little more than the plastic cases, but I'd pay.

I'm leaning toward the Digipak. Will I be shooting myself in the foot if I use those? What do you think I should do?


Faith said...

I think you should spring for the Digipak and you can also include a note (maybe on your webpage) explaining why you're using it. Are the dimensions that different from the plastic cases?

Deb said...

Tough one. Is the Digipak hardy for library shelves and borrowers? Are they your biggest market? I like Faith's idea, but perhaps you should poll a contemporary librarian or two on their view.

Personally, I prefer something like a Digipak for my CDs, rather than a jewelcase -- but then think of Netflix, which uses envelopes for all their disks.....

Mary said...


Charles Johnson said...

I have many Dan Zanes CDs in Eco-Wallets, which are even less imapctful (and less expenive) than digipaks.
Unless you're sending along a songbook, like DZ does, I actually prefer CD jackets, which are even simpler.
With good printing I think they're just as nice as jewel cases, they never break or tear (I'm always getting jewel cases broken in my glove compartment hinge), and they remind me of records (remember records?).